For professional assistance after an emergency disaster situation, call us.

We work closely with insurance companies and can bill them directly. Our professional and highly trained technicians are fully equipped to handle any size job to help homeowners rid themselves of unwanted mold and mildew, contaminants and any other water damage your home experiences. We are fully committed to ensuring your home is fully restored and reflects its pre-disaster condition.

We handle flood and water damage repair for businesses of all sizes.

We service Las Vegas and the southwest region. Allow our team to assess your water damage restoration needs and advise you on the best approach to resolve your issue effectively and efficiently. Quickdry Response has earned a reputation for quality service helping retail establishments, warehouses, and offices recover from serious flood damage and mold problems.

The professionals of Quickdry Response & United Restoration can provide you with quality restoration work.

We are dedicated to helping salvage your property using the latest technologies to dry out wet carpet, provide sewage cleanup, dehumidify, deodorize and remove water from deep within your structure. If you need help, contact one of our representatives today by calling (702) 591-9661.


Water Removal * Flooding * Sewage
Mold Remediation * Fire Damage * Wind Damage


Water damage problems can be caused by torrential rains, hurricanes, a flood, a broken water pipe, or a sewer backup.


Have some water damage and thought everything was fine? Now you are starting to see black spots and realize you have mold.


The backup of sewers can cause severe health threats on human life and even on humans when they are indoors.


When a fire ravages your home, you need the services of a professional fire damage restoration company.


Derecho comes from the Spanish word in adjective form for “straight” (or “direct”), in contrast with a tornado which is a “twisted” wind.


Without professionals to help clean up the smoke damage in your home, things will never return to normal.


These are prior developments built by the owner of United Restoration LLC. Carlos J. Hernandez (Managing Member) has over 30 years of successful building and development history in addition to his current decade of Restoration/Remodling experience and certifications. These projects below show only a handful of his past projects and developments that were created from design to the completion.