About Us

Carlos Hernandez is the founding Principal for Quickdry Response LLC and United Restoration LLC.  Carlos has an extensive and a successful 30+ year track record as home builder and developer including custom homes, planned communities and commercial developments.

In 2008, Carlos began working with insurance property preservation.  Certified  by “the Clean Trust”  otherwise known as the “IIRC“, his expertise was water, fire and smoke rehabilitation.  Additionally certified by Xactwareestimating software, Carlos is certified and has the exceptional ability to access a damaged property, provide a professional estimate and complete the rehabilitation in a timely and professional manner.

Over the years and evaluating other damaged properties and competitors, Carlos noticed that his commitment to customer satisfaction was to ensure the estimate, the work and the completed projected exceeded the customers expectations.  As he says it, “customer once, customer for life…”

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new company is the hiring of qualified, professional technicians and Quickdry Response has created a strong core of highly trained professionals that take pride in the work they do and believe the customer deserves the very best.  Call Quickdry today for your water, sewage, fire, wind or other property damage repairs for a competitive and professional solution.