Sewer Clean Up

The backup of sewers can cause severe health threats on human life and even on humans when they are indoors. Doing a sewer clean-up will make our surrounds much healthier. Water is the only long term destructive element that can be found indoors. It moves and so it has the ability to dissolve materials and it promotes the growth of many microorganisms and many other things. Therefore water can carry alot of harmful substances in it. If you have a backup sewer then things can get out of control. This can cause the deadly water to come back into your home up through your toilet or sinks and face basin. This water is infested with millions of germs and bacteria and this is just not healthy in any way. To avoid this type of a problem you will need to do some sewer clean-up.

You don’t have to fear though, as Quickdry Response is available 24/7 and we are ready to help you any time you need our help. We will cover your whole house to make sure that it is properly cleansed from all types of sewer backflow or waste water. We will make use of the best industrial equipment out there today. If you had sewer backup then water may seep in your carpets air vents in your walls and just about everything ting around your home.

When we arrive to your property, we will carry out deep cleaning of all your carpets and they will replace the foam padding and insulation. We will also provide you with deep cleaning services which will thoroughly cleanse your walls, floors, cabinets, closets and any other areas that were damaged will be properly disinfected. If you have furniture that has been damaged lightly by sewer backup then they will also clean these up for you too.

After the cleaning / mitigation process is complete, United Restoration LLC can then help restore and repair your property.